Domestic Violence Service Issues Urgent Appeal

Roscommon Safe Link, the service supporting people who experience domestic violence has just issued an urgent appear for public support. The Boyle based service is experiencing unprecedented demands on its service while at the same time it is suffering a loss of income; both situations arising from the current Covid-19 crisis.

Anne Carey, Project Coordinator at Roscommon Safe Link said, “Domestic violence support services have seen demand rise by an alarming level recently. The lockdown and its associated stresses have led to increased incidents of domestic violence and coercive control in many homes. Thankfully, we have the expertise to deal with this but unfortunately we don’t always have the financial resources.”

Roscommon Safe link is supported by some state agencies, with the larger percentage of their income coming via this avenue. However, much of the day-to-day running of the organisation is subsidised by local fundraising. Ms. Carey continues, “The closure of our charity shop in Boyle was a major blow to our annual fundraising income. The crisis meant we needed the space for other purposes and certain restriction would have made it impossible to keep the shop open anyway. We often have to deal with people who suffer domestic violence and abuse in very practical ways. Some people’s initial needs, when they arrive on our doorstep, might be as basic as needing food and clothing. It is impossible to anticipate this kind of demand but there is no doubt that having the necessary standby funding helps.”

Roscommon Safe Link are making an urgent plea to members of the public in Co. Roscommon to consider donating to the charity or organising a fundraising event in support of their work. Their statement goes on, “We have online donation facilities in place through our Facebook Page and through our website. We can also give advice and direction to anyone intending to host an event or organise a fundraiser. Call us at this time on 087 2512030 if you are keen to get involved. In a very practical way, you will be helping with our work.”

Roscommon Safe link was established in 2011 to help and protect people in the Co. Roscommon area who experience any form of domestic violence. They are a registered charity and depend on voluntary funding to meet their financial demands each year. See for more information.

Anyone who finds themselves in an abusive situation at this time should call Roscommon Safe Link without delay on 071 9664200.