Roscommon SAFE Link is a non-profit charitable organisation ( Charity Number: 19700) in Co. Roscommon, Ireland that offers information, support and counselling to men and women who have experienced Domestic Violence and Abusive situations.

We offer:

  • Immediate crisis response to women, over the telephone, in person and/or face to face.
  • Advocacy and accompaniment to Court, Gardai, Legal Aid, Social Services and other services.
  • Individual and group support & counselling, in-house and through outreach clinics.
  • Ongoing Individual and Group Therapy for women recovering from violent relationships.
  • Information Services

If you, or someone you care about, needs help and support from Domestic Violence, our services can assist you.

Call: 071 966 4200


 If you are in an Abusive Situation, REMEMBER

You are not alone

It is not your fault

Help is available